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Cyn Marie, Founder Of Silky Cyns Collection. As a female with curly, frizzy and kinky hair, I’ve always had trouble finding a products suitable for my hair needs. I've always felt like your hair should always make a statement and express your vibrant personality. I feel like my product does just that for you. I believe your hair should always make a statement and expresses your personality. Silky Cyns Collection does just that.

Interview Of Silky Cyn's Collections.

  • Customer Review

    My coffee Mug is better then yours! Love my Silky Cyns Mug!

    Alicia G.

    Silky Cyns Logo Mug 
  • Customer Review

    A customers Before and After the Use of Silky Cyns Body Butter.

    Shannon G.

    Silky Cyns Body Butter 
  • Before

    CEO Review Before

    Before Using Silky Cyns Whipped Body Butter, My back was dry, cracked and needed serious moisture.

    Cyn Marie

    Silky Cyns Body Butters 
  • After

    CEO Review After

    After Using Silky Cyns Whipped Body Butter every day! My back never felt so restored and nourished.

    Silky Cyns Body Butter 
  • Customer Review

    Great body butter! I use original blend for my face and my face never felt better. Coconut dreams smells like coconut and vanilla. I love it.

    Charles S.

    Coconut Dreams 
  • Customer Review

    Love my silky Cyns Tote bag

    Marbiel R.

    Silky Cyns Logo Toto